Saturday, 6 October 2012

And the hunt begins...

Every year at this kind of time I begin my search for the perfect knee high, high heeled boots. 

Now to most people this wouldn't seem like a hugely difficult task but for me it is. I started the search about three years ago and I still haven't found quite what I'm looking for. 

1. They must be black
2. They must be leather. Suede just doesn't cut it for me in the Autumn/Winter weather
3. They must be knee high
4. They must have at least a four inch heel
5. Although the heel must be high, they must not make me look like a hooker 
6. Slim on the calf
7. Not outrageously expensive
8. Round toed
9. Zip up, not pull on. None of this half pull, half zip crap either. 

And finally....

10. They must be classic, go with any outfit boots.

The most difficult of these requirements are 3 and 6. I'm just under 5'2'' so must knee high boots come well past the knee on me. I've got very slim ankles and calves, this means most boots have a baggy fit around the leg on me. It amazes me how slim my calves can be while my thighs remain chunky like a Kit-Kat. 

I took a stroll round Debenhams today and I saw what I thought could be just what I had been looking for...the holy grail of boots. 

They failed me though, completely and utterly. Too big round the ankle, round the calf, they came well over the knee. How I love them though, such a shame. 

These are my next two options, although I have this sinking feeling that I'm setting myself up for disappointment...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Accessorize Aztec

I am home along this weekend...YAHOOOO!! 

1. Watch a load of old tv shows (Gilmore Girls, Six Feet Under, Buffy)
2. Organise the shoe rack
4. Redo my nails
5. Get the last of the wedding photos in the album

I'm guessing numbers 2 and 5 will not get completed but the thought is there and that is what counts.

This is the manicure I've worn all week. I love this colour. I love the purple to green flip, it is just stunning. The formula is pretty ugh though. I found this to be thick, slow drying and hard to apply. I have worn this for a full 6 days so far with no chips at all (no topcoat or basecoat), the wear on this is amazing. 

Now back to my schedule of tv watching :) 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Don't Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

I've done a lot of naughty shopping in the last couple of days. I bought a little haul at Superdrug, a BIG haul at New Look, Boux Avenue has been hit pretty hard and I'm now planning for a modest Matalan order. Barely half way through the month and I'm already off to fairly heavy shopping start... eeek.

I am trying, albeit not very hard, to cut down on the footwear purchases. I'm pulling out some oldies but goodies when it comes to shoes. Today I wore these beauties. 

These were my 21st birthday present from work. Ahh they know me so well there! Blue suede upper, black glitter wedge and platform, round toe... pretty much perfection. 

These were from Schuh. As ever I can highly recommend Schuh, I think I have pretty much single handedly kept the Cambridge branch in business. 

Once again I apologise for my pasty little legs. I promise one day I will get around to slapping some fake tan on, mainly for the safety of everyone else's eyes.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A-England: Perceval

A-England Perceval is a stunning ruby red. I bought this primarily to wear at my wedding as we had a bit of a red and ivory thang going on. Perceval was the only red I found that really perfectly matched the bridesmaids dresses.

The formula on this was just dreamy. Two coats, quick dry and super shiny. This is my only A-England polish, I really don't know why. I have got to get my butt into gear and purchase  me some more!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Walking On Sunshine

I woke up feeling a little glum today so I put my yellow shoes on to brighten up my day! 

Aren't they gorgeous? The heel is spectacular, the yellow is a lovely mustard tone and doesn't make my skin look jaundiced. These were from Schuh about a year and a half ago and as soon as I saw them I just had to have them.

Sorry for my pasty pins, I somehow always manage to forget quite how pale I am!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Accessorize Pink Spice

I was planning on doing a FOTD for today's post. Seeing as its a bank holiday I thought I do a bit of pampering while having a majorly lazy day in my pyjama's sat in front of the telly. That plan was promptly abolished Saturday afternoon when my face had a collision with the ironing board. The result? Two black eyes, a very swollen and bruised nose, and some mighty cuts where I was wearing my glasses. I always knew ironing was bad for my health.

So in replace of my planned post I have a NOTD. Accessorize Pink Spice is one of the favourite colours to wear. Its a gorgeous pink with an orange/gold duo-chrome flash. It is simply stunning.

Above is three coats, only two coats were really necessary, as per usual Frankie wanted to see what I was doing so I had to do a repair job. I've got a slick of A England's The Shield topcoat on, which is my current favourite topcoat. It dries super quickly and gives a nice glossy shine. I do fine it keeps chip at bay for a little longer than usual, but I never really have the same polish on for more than three days so I can''t really comment.

Now I'm going to settle down to a night of naff telly and kitty cuddles :) 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Gel-Cream

I'm pretty blessed when it comes to my skin. My skin tone is very even, I don't suffer from breakouts and I never have dry patches. It is however very oily. 

I don't wear foundation or powder on a daily basis, only on special occasions, nights out and sometimes at weekends. As my skin is bare most of the time I need to have something that will get rid of oily t-zone. 

This is what I've been using over the last three weeks try and combat the grease. Its a thick gel-cream that is quite refreshing to apply. It isn't the easiest product to apply: if you apply too much or rub it in too much it rubs into little jelly blobs, once that's been done its a case of washing it off and starting again. I've had a bit of a blocked nose recently so I can't comment on the smell. I asked my husband to give it a good ol' whiff, he was ruddy useless though, he said 'I dunno, it don't smell bad, it don't smell good'.

I've found that on applied to keeps oily skin at bay for about eight hours, very impressive for such a cheap product. On the hot days we've had over the last week or so I've found that drops to four to six hours but that's expected.

In three weeks I've used about half a pot, previous products of this kind I've used I've found have lasted at least three months so I'm a bit disappointed in that respect. My Nivea Young mattifying gel-cream lasted me six months. 

If any one has got any suggestions as to other products like this for me to, they would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Coral & Pink Ballerina Pumps

I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather we're having here! I have to say I'm not! Being as pale as I am weather like this means spending most of the day either slapping on the factor 50+ or attempting to hide in any bit of shade available. I'm much more of a Autumn person.

I am loving the amazing summer clothing range at Asda though. I seem to be coming out with more clothes than food when I go there. 

These coral and pink little Asda beauties are perfect for summer. They were about £6.00 and that's a bargain not to be sniffed at! My only grumble with these is that the fit is a little odd, they're tight at the front and quite wide along the centre, but really for 6 quid you can't complain too much!

Barbara Daly: Starlight

I've been a little bit naughty recently by sneaking beauty products into my weekly food shop. Although, the Barbara Daly make-up range in Tesco is so bangingly bargainous that it would b stupid not to.

Today I've got a little BD nail polish to show you. Starlight is a sparkly gold nail polish. It's quick drying and goes on brilliantly. What I've shown below is three coats, only two are actually needed though, I just had to attempt to cover some smudges caused by Frankie trying to get in on the painting action.

Please try and ignore the state on my cuticles. Been so busy at work recently that all forms of nail and skin care have pretty much gone right out of the window!

Next time you happen to be in Tesco do check out the BD range, they have some amazing little bits and are usually 3 for 2! 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Frankie Cat

This evening I thought I'd share the most important thing in my life with you guys. 

This is Frankie. He is without a doubt the love of my life. He's two years old, loves the bath tub and is the greediest little thing I've ever known. 

I can't believe that only two years ago he looked like this, at some point along the line he grew into his gigantic ears and lost his scruffiness. 

I'm certain you'll all be seeing a lot more of Frankie. He's always getting into mischief that I can't resist sharing with the world. 

Asda Sandals and a Very Sore Toe

I had a bit of an accident earlier in the week. Not unusual for me, I might as well be known as Captain Clumsy. I have stubbed my toe to within an inch of its poor little life. I've plastered it up, mainly due to the fact the nail is cracked more than half way across and I'm terrified of catching it on something, but also because it really isn't a pretty sight. 

These super cheap sandals have been a complete life saver. 

These were a complete bargain! They were £8.00 for Asda and I love them so much that I've bought a spare pair in preparation for next year! 

They are the only pair of shoes I have that don't against me toe in some way so I've been having to wear them everyday, and will have to continue to do so for quite some time :(. I can't remember the last time I went this long without wearing a pair of heels!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Kurt Geiger Sale

Kurt Geiger have got a pretty banging sale on at the moment. Kurt Geiger shoes are always pretty impressive, yes some are very overpriced but generally I find that most items are very reasonable. The quality is always top class and goddamn are they comfy! Never had a blister with a pair of KG's. 

These are my current top picks from the sale:
Anna - Unfortunately for me I would look like a giant lemon in these! Yellow is definitely not a colour that goes with my skin tone. I absolutely love these though. 

Doll - A lovely little twist on a pretty bog standard peep top flat. 

Horatio - A little unusual but not too quirky for casual day time wear.

And anyone who says that these don't conjure up images of this man are totally lying. 

Ciaté: Bon Bon

Ciaté are fast becoming one of my favourite nail polish brands. I love the cute bottles, I love the brush and on all the colours I have of theirs I find the formula is pretty spot on. 

Today I have Bon Bon to show you. This came free with Marie Claire a couple of months back. Unfortunately, I was a little late on this offer and only managed to pick up on of the three. It's not the most exciting colour ever but it is such an easy colour to wear. It applies like a dream and dries quickly, perfect for when I'm in a rush before work. 

Anyone else love Ciaté polishes as much as I do?


Heeled&Nailed x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dusky Pink Primark Bargain!

I had a nice little shopping trip to Cambridge at the weekend, first stop was Primark where these bad boys caught my eye!

Now this isn't the kind of colour I usually go for, I generally find colours like this a bit too girly for my tastes, however, I actually really love these. For £16 these are cheap as chips and I can see myself getting a lot of wear from them. I've got a couple of pairs of shorts I think these will go nicely with, and of course they'll go with jeans.

How cute is the little bow? I love the detailing on the heel and platform, something that is so often ignore on cheap shoes. 

These were the only thing I bought, unless you count a glass of OJ, packet of crisps and bag of cat litter. I did have a little hunt in both the Superdrug stores to see if I could get my grubby mitts on a bottle of Gosh Holographic Hero but alas it was sold out in both, and so the hunt continues. 

A Little Welcome

First time blogger, long time reader. I thought I'd be brave a give writing my own blog a go. After reading for so long I feel I'm reading to share some of my love for shoes, nail polish and make-up with all of you fellow lovers. 

Shoes are my major obsession in life. If it's got a six inch heel or some ridiculously quirky design then I'm bang on that! I just can't resist. It drives my husband mad, to the point that I have to hide new pairs of shoes in my car now. 

Nail polish and make-up are something I've only just gotten in heavily in the last year or so but I've gotta say I'm completely in love *sigh*. 

I'm planning on showing you my recent purchases, lusts and hopefully share a few bargains (I'm a complete tight-wad!). I hope you guys will enjoy reading some of my little tid-bits. 


Heeled&Nailed x